La Crosse Memorials Inc. has helped many families memorialize a loved one who has chosen cremation.

It can be as simple as designing a smaller memorial for two to be placed in a cemetery on a single plot.

Some families wishes are that the cremains are not buried in ground. Therefore we can design special memorials that the cremains are placed inside.

For families that the cremains are scattered or kept at home. Many families like to memorialize their loved ones by getting a bench, engraved in memory of their loved one and place the bench in a park, near their church or even in their back yard gardens.

Not only for cremations, many families plant trees in memory of their loved one and get an engraved landscape rock to place near the tree. Or an engraved landscape rock for their own garden.

In any case, a life lived is a life worth remembering. Everyone should be memorialized in some way.

Individual Family Columbariums

Columbariums provide an alternative to inground internment. They can be placed on a typical cemetery plot or can be used in a family garden.

Cremation Memorials

These Cremaion Memorials allow cremains to be placed inside of the Monument or Bench rather than an inground burial. Many design options are available.


La Crosse Memorials Inc. can provide Cemeteries and Churches with Columbariums. Many styles and colors are available.

Engraved Landscape Rock

Many families, friends and co-workers choose to honor loved ones by planting a tree memorial, small floral garden or water feature. A customized engraved landscape rock is an ideal natural looking memorial.

Cremaion Products

From the truly unique to the traditional, La Crosse Memorials Inc. has available any style of cremation urn your family desires.

Keepsake Pendants

Keepsake Pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. The pendants may be worn or displayed in a glass dome. Many designs available in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and 14K Gold. Laser Etched Photo available on selected designs.

Cultured Marble Cremation Urns

These Cultured Marble Urns come in a variety of two toned colors. All design options seal from the bottom. The Classic Single and Companion Urns (top left and right) can be custom engraved.

Metal Universal Urns

Most urns feature E-Z seal screw on tops. Sizes vary with designs - Many to choose from.

Cremation Vaults

For added protection and in some cases is a cemetery requirement there are many Cremation Vaults available.

Executive Cultured Marble Vaults, offer a top seal design, functional lifting handles and meets cemetery requirements of 5000 lbs per square inch.

Concrete Vaults offer many variations from the basic to bronze lined and several different two tone exterior color options. Starting with the Tiara this line of vaults offers double wall construction with an outer wall of durable concrete and a Durapreme Polyribbed Plastic Liner. On the higher end Concrete Vaults an added triple wall construction with an inner liner of Stainless Steel, Copper or Bronze is available. All which meet cemetery requirements for strength.

Revere Vault and Urn can be purchased as a set or individually. Offers a lightweight, top sealing design. Weighs only 14 lbs. Easy to handle and transport. Exceeds all cemetery requirements for strength. Available in Chestnut (Shown) or Pewter.